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Thank you for your interest in my therapeutic services. I have assembled the latest information about the nature of attachment injuries and the resulting consequences to mature, healthy relationships in adults as well as the specifics of my Adult Intensive Attachment Therapy Program.

Starlyn WingerEvergreen Consultants in Human Behavior was founded by Foster Cline, M.D. in 1971. Starlyn Winger is sole proprietor of Evergreen Consultants. I remain on the cutting edge of developing and refining therapeutic methods for healing attachment injuries and attachment issues in adults.

It is my goal to provide the highest quality treatment available for the healing of adult attachment disorders. To that end, I would like to share my mission statement and personal pledge:

Mission Statement: With all the knowledge, skills and resources at my disposal, I am committed to excellence in the implementation of effective and sound clinical practices for the promotion of healthy adult attachments and their resulting relationships.

Personal Pledge: I shall make every effort to understand your relationship struggles and to assist you through the healing journey from the application process, through treatment and follow-up treatment.

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